To expand book offerings in local libraries, the trustees of the John &                                                                  Elaine Andrist Charitable Trust have created the Library Collection Grant.                                                           

                                                          The Library Collection Grant is an opportunity for libraries in western                                                                  North Dakota to access up to $500 for each individual library to put                                                                    more diverse books in the hands of their readers and communities. 


                                                          The John & Elaine Andrist Charitable Trust Library Collection grants were                                                            created to provide North Dakota Public Libraries an opportunity to offer                                                            North Dakota residents a broader base of reading, related to all people. 


“John and Elaine lived a life of loving neighbors. And that’s the idea we want to promote, in their spirit. We want to advance the idea that loving our neighbor—regardless of who they are or what they do—is central to a healthy community and society,” remarked Levi Andrist, Trustee. 


To be eligible for the Library Collection Grant, the subsequent guidelines must be followed:

  • Applications will be accepted August 1 - September 30th, 2022.

  • Books must be selected from the recommended list provided by the ND State Library

  • Approved libraries are geographically western ND (drawing a line north and south from Bismarck)

  • Projects must be completed within 12 months of award.

  • Grants up to $500 will be paid based on actual expenses documented by copies of invoices.


“Recently a local organization revived a saying that has been used by others: Love your neighbor – no exceptions. That concept embodies the way John and Elaine Andrist lived their lives, and is the inspiration behind this library collections program that seeks to foster love for and understanding of life situations with which many different types of people find themselves.” remarked Steve Andrist, Trustee.

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