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Ways to Give Now


You can establish your own fund!

No matter which type of fund is right for you, you establish it, name it, and choose its charitable intention.  We handle all of the vetting, grant processing, reporting, and paperwork.


  • A Donor Advised Fund is an easy and cost-effective way to support your favorite nonprofits in Williams, Divide, and McKenzie counties at any time you choose.  Northwest North Dakota Community Foundation staff will confirm that your recommended charities meet IRS requirements and then issue grant checks to the organizations. 


  • A Scholarship Fund lets you help students realize their educational dreams, or you can support the schools and universities of your choice. You determine the criteria for selection of scholarship recipients, and we administer the entire process of making the awards.


  • A Designated Fund is an ideal choice when you want to support one or more favorite nonprofits in perpetuity. Once you designate a charity, we automatically issue the grant check each year. When you endow your designated fund, your giving will provide a lasting legacy to sustain the nonprofits you select. Should any of your designated nonprofits cease to exist or change its mission, the Northwest North Dakota Community Foundation will ensure that the funds are redirected to a similar organization that meets your charitable intent.


  • A Field of Interest Fund pools your donation with gifts from other like-minded contributors to collectively support your favorite cause or issue. You can give to any existing Field of Interest Fund or establish a new fund. We award grants in perpetuity to local nonprofits that serve your chosen field of interest.


  • A Discretionary Fund is an ideal choice when you want to give to where the need is greatest at any point in time. Grants from these funds help communities and residents throughout Williams, Divide, and McKenzie counties overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and thrive.  You can establish and name an endowed discretionary fund during your lifetime or create one through an estate plan.


  • An Organization Endowment Fund helps a designated nonprofit build a stable financial future. The fund can be established by an organization or by a donor for the benefit of an organization to create long-term financial sustainability.


All gifts of $5,000 or more (lump sum or aggregate) to qualified North Dakota endowment funds are eligible for the 40% North Dakota Tax Credit.

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