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Board of Directors

                      Margot Brunelle

                      Brad Johnson

                      Katie Kringen

                      Traci Lund

                       Anna Nelson

                       Erin Olson

                      Randy Quale

                      Kent Reierson 

                      Ron Stromstad

                      Betty Weber









(701) 774-6923 (NWCF)​



Founding Members Pictured Above

Steve Joraanstad

Marian Hamilton

Mark Clemons

Ward Koeser

Nancy Swallom

Roger Cymbaluk

Kent Reierson



2024 Applications Open

PURPOSE: Each year, scholarships will be awarded from the Kate Langley Memorial Scholarship Fund to support graduates from Divide County High School who exhibit a strong work ethic and desire to better themselves through post-secondary education.


REQUIREMENTS: Applicant must be a graduate of Divide County High School and must enroll in a post-secondary institution following high school graduation.  Post-secondary institutions include universities, community colleges, and trade schools.


INSTRUCTIONS: This form is to be completed by the student applying for the scholarship. As a part of the application, the study must identify an individual, not related to them, to serve as a reference and submit a letter of recommendation.


Applications must be submitted online by April 5th, 2024. Online applications can be accessed HERE, with a PDF copy of the application questions below.

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