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40% North Dakota Tax Credit


The State of North Dakota encourages charitable giving by offering individuals and businesses a 40% tax credit for qualifying gifts. 


To qualify, gifts from individuals must be $5,000 or greater (lump sum or aggregate) and must be utilized for an endowment fund.  The tax credit is equal to 40% of the charitable deduction up to a maximum tax credit of $10,000 per year per taxpayer or $20,000 per year per couple filing jointly.  The credit may be carried forward for three years.


This unique tax credit also applies to planned or deferred gifts (e.g. charitable trusts, gift annuities, life insurance policies, etc.) to a qualified ND endowment fund. 


All donors are encouraged to seek out tax and legal advice from their own professional advisors.












Divide County Courthouse

Crosby, ND

Getting Started in Giving


Why partner with us?

When you’re ready to invest in the future of your community and want to see your impact, we’re here to help you make your giving meaningful and effective—and enjoyable.


How we serve you:

  • We handle all of the vetting, grant processing, and reporting so you can focus on your charitable passions.

  • We partner with the most effective local nonprofits to create change.

  • With you and other partners, we find innovative solutions to challenging regional problems.


Why choose the Northwest North Dakota Community Foundation instead of creating your own foundation?

  • You can create and name your own charitable fund (for example, a donor advised fund). You enjoy all of the tax advantages and flexibility of grantmaking to 501(c)(3) nonprofits, but without the required annual payout, public visibility, legal restrictions, reporting, and expenses—such as an excise tax on investment income—that come with private foundations.


Why choose the Northwest North Dakota Community Foundation instead of one of the big commercial financial institutions?

  • We are rooted in Williams, Divide, and McKenzie counties, and we have experience with the nonprofit organizations that provide services to all sectors of the community. That means we can guide you to make grants with the greatest impact.

  • We like to get to know you personally. That starts when your philanthropic services advisor meets with you to learn about your charitable giving goals and then helps you develop a personalized approach to your philanthropy.

  • In addition to donor advised funds, we offer many other types of funds that meet your charitable giving goals, including whether you want to give now or later, through your estate.


Your investment options:

  • Our investment committee is comprised of volunteers with extraordinary expertise in managing and growing portfolios for both corporate and nonprofit organizations. 

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